Purchasing School Meals

  • Parents are encouraged to prepay for their child's school meals for the month, week or day so money is always available. 
    Meal PaymentsBell Peppers
    • Online payments for breakfast and lunch may be made through the Family Portal  link. Any charges incurred to the district for insufficient funds will be deducted from the student's lunch account. 
    • Checks and cash are accepted. 
    • Checks should be made payable to White Pigeon Community Schools or Food Services.
    • When paying by check, be sure to write the student's I.D. # or name in the memo section of the check. 
    • When paying for more than one student, please put all the names on the envelope or the memo on the check, including how much to apply to each student.
    • Payments may be made at any time of the day, preferably in the morning, to ensure that all student accounts have current balances reflected by lunchtime. 
    • White Pigeon Community Schools will charge $25.00 for every non-sufficient fund, NSF, check the district receives.  This charge is to be collected in addition to the amount of the check that was originally issued to White Pigeon Community Schools.  The fee is to offset the expense the district incurs when such a check is received.
    • Balances from the previous year remain in the student account and are moved to the new school year as they progress. 
    Balance & Purchase History
    • Student account balances and purchase history may be viewed online at Family Portal .  To create an account, you need your student's ID number.   
    • A detailed printout of student purchases is also available upon request.  Contact the Food Service office at 269.483.2240, Katherine Ferrell or the Business Office at 269.483.2980, Connie Wright
    It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide lunch for their children while at school.  However, it is important to provide nutritious foods for children to receive the nutrition they need to stay focused during the school day.  This procedure shall apply in the event that a child neither has a lunch nor the funds to purchase a lunch.  Students (grades K-12) may charge a negative balance of $10.00, after which they will be provided an alternative meal consisting of a peanut butter sandwich, fruit/veg and milk.  Ala Carte items cannot be charged on any account that is negative. Students will not be allowed to charge any meals that will result in negative funds in the month of June.  A student's parent(s), teacher and principal will be notified of the delinquency in the student's account each time it is necessary for the student to charge a meal to give the parents time to send a check or cash to school.  All food service account payments go to the kitchen manager or cashier in the cafeteria.  Parents may also pay for school meals via the district's nutrition services website. 
    Highlights - 
    • Students are allowed to charge a maximum of $10.00.
    • When a student has reached the charge limit and has forgotten their lunch money, they will be given an alternate meal until such time that their account balance is in a positive position.
    • A la carte purchases may not be charged.
    • Students will not be allowed to charge any meals in the month of June. 
    • Meal account refunds can be requested by emailing the following information to kferrell@wpcschools.org or sending a written request to the student.  Refunds will not be made without a parent or guardian's consent.
      • Student Name
      • School Name
      • Parent/ Guardian Name & Address