Third Grade

Third Grade Music

  • I've missed making music with all of you! This is especially disappointing because we were working so hard at recorder for our spring concert. Don't worry - we'll pick up where we left off when I see you again. In the meantime I've sent some fun activities to help you make some music at home. 


    Third Grade Music Choice Board

    • Choose an activity and have fun!
    • Color in the square after you have done that activity
    • When you’ve completed them all, do your favorites again
    • Share your favorite online during office hours
    • Turn in this sheet with your work packet by June 1st
    • Ask someone to take pictures or video of your activity to share later


    Third Grade Choice Board


    Staff Wars is a 99 cent app available for iPhone and iPad through the App Store. 

    Staff Wars

    Third graders have enjoyed working on this app to learn the names of the lines and spaces on the treble clef. If you want to work with this app at home, make sure you select treble clef:

    staff wars treble clef

    and move the Range to spaces only:

    Staff Wars Range