Fourth Grade Music

Fourth Grade Music

  • I miss playing ukulele with you! We were just getting ready to start the new recorder pieces for our concert, so this is especially disappointing for us all. Making music is all about making music TOGETHER. Don't worry - we'll pick up where we left off in the fall and make your 5th grade year awesome! In the meantime, I've put together some fun activities for you to do to make some music at home.


    Fourth and Fifth Grade Music Choice Board

    • Choose an activity and have fun!
    • Color in the square after you have done that activity
    • When you’ve completed them all, do your favorites again
    • Share your favorite online during office hours
    • Turn in this sheet with your work packet by June 1st
    • Ask someone to take pictures or video of your activity to share later

    4/5 Music Choice Board


    If you have a recorder at home, here is a link to all of the recorder pieces I've written (except for the newest ones). If you have problems email me or let me know when I see you on Zoom in my office hours.

    Recorder Music


    And if you have a ukulele at home, here are links to some of the playalong videos we've used. Please let me know if you have a uke at home and if we have enough people, we might be able to schedule an online playalong!


    Best Day of My Life

    Try Everything 

    The FUN Song (SpongeBob)