My name is Kirstan Sawyer. I am the new School Counselor at White Pigeon Jr./Sr. High School. As Mr. Keyer likes to say, I’m a “White Pigeon girl.” I grew up here in White Pigeon and graduated from our high school; which I am proud to say paved the way for my professional success.  

    I received both my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my Master’s degree in Counselor Education from Western Michigan University. I am a licensed school counselor. Though this is the beginning of my professional counseling career, the majority of my experience has come from my internship at White Pigeon and the time I’ve spent working in a counseling clinic.

    Much of my spare time is spent with my dog, Rizzo, and my friends. A few of my favorite things are music, baseball, and reality tv. I recently accepted the Varsity Competitive Cheerleading coach position, and am definitely excited to see where this upcoming season takes us! Go Chiefs!

    My goal as a school counselor is to address the immediate needs of students and serve as a catalyst to remove and/or reduce barriers that hinder student success. With our resources, I will do my best to provide services to students that will afford them opportunities to perform at their maximum potential.  When students transition from White Pigeon High School it is my sincere desire that they will be on the path to being college or career ready.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or need my assistance. Wishing everyone an amazing school year!

    To schedule an appointment, please contact Miss Sawyer via email at ksawyer@wpcschools.org, or by phone at (269) 483-7679.