• Due to the growing concerns with the Coronavirus spread we have decided to pass out meals on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  On Monday we will pass out Monday and Tuesday's meals, Wednesday we will pass out Wednesday and Thursday meals and on Friday we will pass out Friday and the weekend meals.  Families will still be getting all 7 days worth of meals but we will lessen the interaction between our staff and the participants.  We will also need to adjust the time we will be serving in Mottville and Union since the serving staff at Central will now be the staff to also deliver to our other sites.  We will still serve @ 11:30-12:00pm at Central, then the van will leave and deliver to the families that we have been doing drop offs to their houses.  The van will arrive at Mottville Bible Church @ 12:25pm and serve there until 12:55pm.  The van will arrive @ Union Market at 1:05pm and stay until 1:25pm.  
    Beginning Wednesday, July 1st we are moving to passing out lunches once per week. We will pass lunches out on Wednesdays at all three sites. Times will not change: 11:30-12:00pm at Central, Mottville Bible Church 12:25pm - 12:55pm and Union Market from 1:05pm - 1:25pm.
    Have you had a wage reduction or loss of income due to Covid 19? If so, fill out our free and reduced application on our website and you will be eligible for food benefits, if you qualify. The state is sending a bridge card to all families in need with the amount based on the number of students. We know the benefits are for April and May so far. Any questions, please contact our food service department. 
    PLEASE NOTE: Construction begins at Central Elementary on May 18th. Beginning that day, lunch pick-up will be moved to the front of the building. All times will remain the same.


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