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Welcome to the White Pigeon Community Schools Athletic page, home of the Chiefs. We offer many different sporting opportunities for high school and junior high school students, with great success in all areas. Please come and support our outstanding student-athletes as they strive for Chief Pride!
White Pigeon Athletics offers the following sporting opportunities for students:


Varsity Football
Junior Varsity Football
Middle School Football
Varsity Volleyball
Junior Varsity Volleyball
Middle School Volleyball
Varsity Cross Country
Middle School Cross Country
Varsity Sideline Cheerleading



Varsity Boys Basketball
Junior Varsity Boys Basketball
Middle School Boys Basketball
Varsity Wrestling
Middle School Wrestling
Varsity Girls Basketball
Junior Varsity Girls Basketball
Middle School Girls Basketball
Varsity Sideline Cheerleading
Varsity Competitive Cheerleading
Middle School Sideline Cheerleading



Varsity Track and Field
Middle School Track and Field
Varsity Softball
Varsity Baseball
Varsity Golf
Junior Varsity Golf

Athletic Announcements 

  • Planning to play a sport? Make sure you have these on file with the office:
  • If you would like to volunteer to help with sporting events at White Pigeon, please call (269)-483-2987 and complete a copy of this form: Background Check.

  •  More information and other questions about the White Pigeon Community School athletic programs can be answered by calling (269)-483-2987.